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Canada Visa

Canada Tourist Visa Requirements:

  • Original Passport (6 months valid)
  • Photocopy of ID card (Child B Form Copy)
  • Married Certificate
  • F R C (Family Registration Certificate)
  • 3- Passport size Two photoghraps with White background
  • Visa Application Form
  • Bank Statement of the last 06 months with Balance Certificate  (Proof of sufficient funds for the stay)
  • Hotel booking confirmation
  • Return Air ticket
  • Employment letter+ Salary Slip
  • Business Cover Letter
  • NTN copy / Tax returns / Tax challan form or payment receipts.
  • TDR, certificates, Shares, other documents in form of Liquidity
  • Invitation Letter in Canada (Canada As a Permanent Resident Canadian Citizen)


Please Note

Macnkro Travel is not responsible if any discrepancy mention below:
• Visa Fees may change from time to time.
• Visa is subjected to Approval of Immigration.
• Visa Fee & Service Charges are non-Refundable.
• In case of Delay/Rejection. If Refusal Letter is not provided by Embassy.
• Passport Lost in Embassy, any robbery/Snatching happen.
• Late Visa Issuance, Late Passport Delivery, Appointment Cancellation/Reschedule

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