Sri Lanka Tour Packages

Begin your Sri Lanka Tour to experience the clean beaches, greenery, and old culture. Explore the wildlife in the National Park and visit the UNESCO site on this journey. Enjoy the treasure of Sri Lanka, from tea plantations to busy markets. Create the endless memory on these Sri Lanka tour packages.

Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

Explore the beauty of Sri Lanka and uncover the stunning place on this journey. Experience the ancient places with the peaceful tea fields of Nuwara Eliya. See the wildlife habitat of Horton Plains National Park, enjoy the beach activities at Mirissa, and encounter the rich culture of Kandy and Galle. Get ready to create lifetime memories in Sri Lanka.

  1. Lotus Tower
    Visit the famous Lotus Tower in Colombo to experience the stunning view of the Sri Lanka and Indian Ocean from 350 meters above the ground. Witness the observation decks that offer an engaging display and revolving restaurant. Encounter the attractive view and architectural creation of Sri Lanka. Begin your Sri Lanka tour from Karachi with us now.
  2. Ella
    Explore the hill country Ella in Sri Lanka to experience tea plantations, stunning waterfalls, and attractive hiking routes. Encounter the famous Nine Arch Bridge, enjoy the beautiful vista at Ella Rock, and Relax in a calm environment. Ella offers cold weather and lively surroundings to its visitors. This place is perfect for nature lovers seeking a peaceful and adventurous trek. Begin your Sri Lanka family tour now.
  3. Mirissa Beach
    Explore the beauty of Mirissa Beach, located on the southern coast, with its relaxed environment. Get the chance to see giant blue whales and dolphins, and this place is famous for whale watching. Indulge in water sports, cafes, and beautiful sunset. Experience the adventure and peace at Mirissa Beach on these Sri Lanka honeymoon tour packages.
  4. Knuckles Mountain
    Visit the central Sri Lanka’s attractive Knuckles Mountain Range. It is famous for its diverse wildlife and hiking destination. This mountain offers a stunning vista with a waterfall and greenery. It is an ideal place for adventure lovers seeking wilderness and natural scenery. Enjoy your next Sri Lanka family tour.
  5. Sigiriya Rock Forest
    Visit the ancient beauty Sigiriya Rock Forest in Sri Lanka. This UNESCO site provides an impressive rock forest with a stunning vista and rich history. Witness the renowned Lion Gate, busy frescoes, and palace of the fifth century. Indulge in the dense jungle and natural beauty with the uncovered cultural treasure. Enjoy the perfect Sri Lanka holiday tour packages with us now.
  6. Unawatuna Beach
    Explore the stunning Unawatuna Beach that attracts people with clean shores and a lively environment. It offers the best place for sunbathing, swimming, and snorkeling. Enjoy the water sports to experience coral reefs with marine life or take a relaxing massage. Indulge in the lively cafes and beachside on this journey. Take our Sri Lanka couple tour packages now.
  7. Nuwara Eliya
    Encounter the colonial beauty, tea plantations, and cold weather at Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka. This Little England is famous for its Victorian architecture, unexpected view, and refreshing Ceylon tea. Experience attractive vistas, waterfalls, and hiking tracks. This journey provides a peaceful natural retreat to its visitors. Take our Sri Lanka tour packages now for your next trek.
  8. Weligama
    Explore the coastal town of Weligama at the southern tip of Sri Lanka. Indulge in the famous surfing culture and stunning beaches on this journey. This place offers gentle waves and warm water for beginner and expert surfers. Relax in the beautiful golden sand, taste the local seafood, and experience the traditional stilt fishing. Enjoy the beach experience on this Sri Lanka tour package now.
  9. Horton Plains National Park
    Visit Horton Plains National Park to experience the stunning vista. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site with various wildlife. Walk through hazy grassland and witness rare rhododendrons. Take a 360-degree view of the island’s central plain from rock cliffs. Enjoy the adventure and nature on these Sri Lanka tour packages from Karachi.
  10. Royal Botanical Garden
    Experience the peaceful surroundings of Kandy’s Royal Botanical Gardens in Sri Lanka. Visit the historic garden that shows diverse plants like orchids, palm trees, and herbs. Witness these stunning themed gardens, view tall trees, and see the famous orchid house. Stroll in this botanic garden and enjoy the calm heaven ideal for nature lovers. Begin your Sri Lanka tour with your friends and family now.

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How much does the Sri Lanka tour package and visa cost from Pakistan?

Explore Sri Lanka with Macnkro Travel to live your dream. We provide recent information related to tour packages and visa fees. Contact our team for further details. Get the best budget tour package and visa assistance for your next trek.

What is the best time to visit Sri Lanka?

Enjoy the best weather on the western and southern coasts in the hill country of Sri Lanka from December to March. Moreover, you can experience pleasing weather on the island from April to September.

How long does a Sri Lanka visa take to process?

Get your Sri Lanka tourist visa earlier to avoid any delays. Processing time would be 3 to 4 business days. We will help you with your queries related to the tour and visa process. Book your Sri Lanka tour package from Pakistan now.

Is Sri Lanka’s tour budget-friendly for travelers?

Get budget-friendly accommodation, transportation, and food on your Sri Lanka tour. Sri Lanka is perfect for all kinds of travelers. This place offers attractive landscapes, cultural sites, and beach activities. Enjoy your affordable Sri Lanka tour now.

What currency is used in Sri Lanka?

Use the Sri Lankan Rupee for daily transactions. In Sri Lanka, you can use it for shopping, dining, and other expenditures.