Mauritius Tour Packages

Begin the perfect luxurious Mauritius tour to explore the stunning beauty nestled in the Indian Ocean. Indulge yourself in an adventurous and relaxing trek on the clean beaches with waving palm trees. Dive into the water to see teeming coral reefs with marine beauty. Enjoy local food, rich cultural traditions, and a friendly environment on this Mauritius tour.

Places to Visit in Mauritius

Engage in the wide variety of activities on the Mauritius tour and experience thrilling water sports, stunning beaches, cultural beauty, and dense greenery. Enjoy the beach experience at Ile Aux Cerfs. Visit the lively market at Port Louis and see the market of Grand Baie. This place offers various activities and attractions to the travelers. Indulge in warm hospitality and make lasting memories with us.

  1. Blue Bay Marine Park
    Visit the coastline of Mauritius to witness the stunning Blue Bay Marine Park. Dive under the water to see the marine life and the colorful coral garden. Dive under the water and explore the hidden coves to witness protected areas. Indulge in the richness of the Indian Ocean to enjoy the best experience on this trip to Mauritius.
  2. Chamarel Colored Earth
    Explore the beauty of the Chamarel-Colored Earth in Mauritius to experience natural kaleidoscopic hills of yellow, red, and purple color. This beautiful landscape formed through volcanic activity. It offers a unique view with greenery. Encounter the natural beauty with these Mauritius holiday tour packages.
  3. Ile aux Cerfs
    Encounter the best Mauritius island tour at Ile aux Cerfs island. Dive into the water to experience adventurous water sports. Enjoy water sports like parasailing and snorkeling. This island is best for romantic beachside dining for the Mauritius honeymoon tour.
  4. Port Louis
    Begin your journey to Port Louis, the cultural center of Mauritius. Visit Aapravasi Ghat to explore the history of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the lively market to see the local handicrafts and food. Witness the fusion of past and present at Port Louis to experience the colonial architecture, food, and beautiful waterfront. Start the Mauritius tour package for the family now.
  5. Belle Mare
    Enjoy the peaceful beach location on the east coast of Mauritius at Belle Mare. Experience the lavish resort facilities with a panoramic view, or dive into the sea to witness coral reefs and underwater creatures. Relax on the stunning white sand beach with clear water on your Mauritius honeymoon tour now.
  6. Grand Baie Bazaar
    Explore the Mauritius’ lively environment at the Grand Baie Bazaar. Stroll around the market to see the various stalls filled with beautiful fabrics, handcrafted jewelry, and aromatic spices. Enjoy the local street food and flavorful food on the island. Experience traditional Mauritian shopping and the lively environment at Grand Baie Bazaar. Get the best Mauritius travel packages now.
  7. Luxe Resort
    Visit the Luxe Resort, located on clean beaches that show the beauty and luxury of Mauritius. Experience the luxurious spa facilities and relax in lavish hotels with a sea view. Enjoy the thrilling water activities, or relax in the infinite pools. Luxe Resort provides the experience of luxury and natural beauty on these Mauritius holiday tour Packages with us.
  8. Bubble Lodge Bois Cheri
    Begin the luxury journey to see the natural beauty at Bubble Lodge Bois Cherie in Mauritius. Experience the view from glass domes and gaze at the stunning tea plantation and Night sky with stars. Enjoy a fine outdoor dining experience and relax in the natural friendly surroundings. This place is perfect for nature lovers looking for a romantic honeymoon vacation. Get the ideal trip to Mauritius now.
  9. Blue Safari Submarine
    Explore the underwater marine life with Blue Safari Submarine. Begin your submarine cruise journey to see the corals and underwater life in the Indian Ocean. Witness the stunning fish in the water and see the submerged ships. The Blue Safari submarine offers a unique view of marine beauty and a memorable underwater experience. Enjoy the ideal trip to Mauritius from Pakistan now.
  10. Coin de Mire Island
    Explore the natural beauty of Coin de Mire Island on the northern coast of Mauritius. Dive into the water for the perfect snorkeling and diving experience with beautiful coral reefs and clear water. This place offers beaches and seabird nesting spots with stunning views and a peaceful gateway. Begin your adventurous outdoor journey on this Mauritius North Island tour now.

Discover the beautiful places of Mauritius on this journey with Macnkro Travel. Experience the diverse cultures and histories of Mauritius. Travel from the peaceful landscapes to busy urban centers. We designed a perfect trek to make lasting memories on these Mauritius tour packages from Karachi.

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How much does the Mauritius tour package and visa cost from Pakistan?

Begin the ideal Mauritius Tour Package with Macnkro Travel. We provide current visa fees and personalized packages for your budget tour. Contact our team for more details based on personal choices. We aim to provide the best visa services and affordable travel packages for your Mauritius trip.

What is the best time to visit Mauritius?

Plan your Mauritius tour in the winter season to avoid high humidity and rainfall in summer. Visit Mauritius from May to December to enjoy a pleasant environment. Begin your trek now to experience various places and exciting outdoor activities.

How long does a Mauritius visa take to process?

To enjoy a smooth trip to Mauritius, apply for your visa in advance. The visa processing time usually takes 5-7 business days. We will ensure your hassle-free journey and help you with visa application processing. Get ready for your next trek to Mauritius.

Is Mauritius’ tour budget-friendly for travelers?

Mauritius offers both luxury and affordable options to the traveler. Visitors must find budget-friendly options that suit their travel budget. In Mauritius, you can find various reasonable accommodation options and activities for your journey.

What currency is used in Mauritius?

The Mauritian Rupee is the official currency of Mauritius. The Mauritian Rupee is used for daily transactions across the country. You can use it for daily transactions.