Japan Tour Packages

Begin your Japan tour to explore the cultural tradition with modern progress. Enjoy the umami delights of sushi on the streets of Tokyo. Experience the natural beauty of the bamboo forests of Kyoto and the peaceful view of Mount Fuji. Uncover the secrets of Japan’s tourist places on this trek.

Places to Visit in Japan

Start an enchanting journey in Japan to explore the peaceful temples of Kyoto, the energetic neon-lit streets of Tokyo, and the glorious charm of Mount Fuji’s snow-covered peak. Explore the cultural variety of Nara, the powerful history of Hiroshima, and the delicious food of Osaka. Let’s make the lasting memories of your Japan tour.

  1. Tokyo Skytree
    Experience the tallest observation decks at Tokyo Skytree. Visit the most famous landmark in Japan to encounter modern architecture, admire the stunning views of the Tokyo skyline, and see an unbeatable view of the lively capital of Japan. Get Ready for the holidays in Japan.
  2. Akihabara District
    Explore the pop culture of Akihabara’s electronic town. It is a must-visit place for people who love games, manga, and anime. Encounter the energetic streets filled with colored stores, electric shops, and cafes. Experience the heaven of anime fans, where tradition and technology meet together. Get the best Japan tour packages now.
  3. Streets of Gion and Higashiyama
    Visit the lasting ancient charm of Gion and Higashiyama streets to see the uncovered beauty of Japan. Explore old temples, tea houses, and traditional machiya houses. This place offers the cultural experiences of Geisha. Here, you can relax in the calm environment of historic gardens. Get the best Japan tour package deals now.
  4. Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine
    Encounter the spiritual Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine in Kyoto. Experience a journey through the Vermilion Torii Gates that curves through the mountaintop covered with forests. Indulge in beautiful scenery, peaceful atmosphere, and ancient customs of Japan. Explore spiritual heritage on these Japan tours with us now.
  5. Mount Fuji
    Encounter the timeless charm of this snow-peak Mount Fuji that has attracted its visitors for years. Explore the different landmarks and natural beauty of Japan. Experience observing the mount from a distance, or you can enjoy climbing the mountain. Mount Fuji offers you an extraordinary experience on your Japan tour.
  6. Kuromon Ichiba Market
    Explore the local food at Osaka’s Kuromon Ichiba Market, which has colorful delicacies and lively flavors. Encounter the busy environment of the market and enjoy your culinary journey. Step into the market to experience the fresh seafood and hot street meals. Start your Japan holiday tour package now.
  7. Universal Studio Japan
    Indulge in the exciting journey to Osaka and explore famous movie locations like Hogwarts and Jurassic Park at Universal Studios Japan. Encounter your dream destination to enjoy fun activities designed for all ages. Engage yourself in thrilling rides and themed attractions. Get the best Japan tour packages now.
  8. Niseko
    Encounter the Niseko town to see the powder snow, thrilling slopes, and winter scenery. Niseko has highland adventures for nature lovers and skiers on their slopes landscape. Experience the adventurous ski and snowboarding ride, relax in luxury accommodations, and enjoy local Japanese foods. We designed the perfect Japan family tour packages for you.
  9. Canal District of Otaru
    Indulge in the earlier era of romance and beauty in Otaru’s Canal District in Hokkaido. Walk beside peaceful canals lined with warehouses perfectly maintained and now operating as cafes and stores in this stunning waterfront district. Explore handmade glassworks, taste the local food, and engage in the lasting ambiance on this journey. Enjoy your Japan tour with us now.
  10. Kenrokuen Garden
    Indulge in the pleasure of Kanazawa’s stunning gem, Kenrokuen Gardens. It is one of the most charming gardens in Japan. Walk among the greenery, calm pools, and charming teahouses with carefully maintained pathways. Engage in artistic expression and natural beauty of seasonal flowers that invite a peaceful and contemplative environment. Get these perfect Japan tour packages now.

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How much does the Japan tour package and visa cost from Pakistan?

Get affordable tour packages and visa services with Macknro Travel. We offer customized tour packages with updated visa rates. Contact us for accurate information, as costs vary depending on your requirements. We assist our valued customers in creating a perfect itinerary for them.

What is the best time to visit Japan?

During the spring (March to May), you can travel to Japan. In addition, autumn (September to November) is also a suitable month for traveling. It is the best time to explore all indoor and outdoor activities. Avoid summers and winters for travel due to drastic weather.

How long does a Japan visa take to process?

We recommend applying for your visa earlier because it takes seven working days. It might take more time due to various visa types. Therefore, you must apply in advance to avoid delay. Trust our services to make your journey hassle-free so that you can enjoy the best trek with us.

Is Japan’s tour budget-friendly for travelers?

Macnkro Travel gives economical packages to our valued customers. We provide the best holiday experience for your dream tours. We include the best places in Japan for your trek so that you can fully enjoy your vacation.

What currency is used in Japan?

When you travel to Japan, keep some Japanese Yen (JPY) because it is used for daily transactions. For all financial activities, you have to use Japanese Yen and must carry it while traveling.