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Murree Shogran

Duration: 3 days

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Duration: 4 days

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Naran Kaghan Tour Packages:

Naran Kaghan has accommodations like Hotel Demanchi Naran, PTDC Motel Naran, and lots of others. From Islamabad airport, reached Naran Bazar in 7 hours of drive, and through the journey, you visit Abbottabad city, Mansehra Bypass, Balakot city, and Kiwai.

Kaghan Valley is incredibly near Naran Valley which is additionally the famous tourist hub. Kaghan Valley is the best place to enjoy cool weather during the summer season. Many foreigners and Pakistanis are spending their summer holidays in Kaghan Valley. Kaghan Valley is gorgeous and stuffed with captivating views. People are very peaceful in nature.

Babusar Pass is additionally called Babusar Top may be a famous notch at an elevation of 4,173 meters (13,691 ft) and therefore the major tourist attraction. Babusar Pass is the highest pass in Kaghan valley. The best time to go to Babusar Pass is June and July because the environment is stuffed with greenery and in winters the roads are covered with snow.

Through a car, you’ll be able to reach Babusar Pass from Islamabad in 8 hours. The space of Babusar Pass from Islamabad is 350 km. Babusar Pass connects the Kaghan Valley through Thak Nala with Chilas on the Karakoram Highway (KKH). From Naran, you’ll reach Babusar Pass in 1 hour through the car.

Lulusar Lake could be a charming lake in Kaghan valley. Tourists who visit Babusar Top must also visit Lulusar Lake. From Naran Bazar, you’ll easily reach Lulusar Lake in 2 hours of drive. Lulusar Lake is that an irresistible lake and located over 11,000 feet above water level on Mansehra-Naran-Jalkhad Road amid Bassal and Babusar tops.

Lulusar Lake may be a peaceful place with lush green meadows. Through a car, you’ll be able to reach Lulusar Lake from Islamabad in 7 hours 45 minutes. The gap between Lulusar Lake from Islamabad is 328 km and it’s 50 km far from Naran.

Ansoo Lake or Ansoo Jheel is found in Kaghan Valley. Ansoo Lake is that the highest mountain in Kaghan valley and it’s located near Malika Parbat. The lake has formed a sort of a tear so that’s why it’s called Ansoo Lake. The best time to go to Ansoo Lake is July to August.

Except for July to August the lake is covered with snow. Ansoo Lake looks stunning and it’s an ideal place to require amazing photos.

Ansoo Lake may be a true gift of nature. Seven to Nine hours of a trek for the round-trip from Saif-ul-Muluk to Ansoo Lake. Ansoo Lake offers a picturesque and breathtaking view for tourists.

Saiful Malook Lake is found 8 kilometers from the northern end of Kaghan Valley. Saiful Malook is taken into account mutually of the very best lakes in Pakistan. May and July are the most effective time to go to Saiful Malook Lake. Cycling, boating, camping, and horse riding are enjoyed by tourists at Saiful Malook.

Saiful Malook is the source of River Kunhar. Through a car, you’ll be able to reach Saiful Malook from Islamabad in 7 hours 40 minutes. The gap between Saiful Malook from Islamabad is 290 km. From Naran, you’ll be able to reach Saiful Malook in 45 minutes. Saiful Malook Lake could be a striking mountainous lake at an elevation of three, 224 m above water level.

Batakundi may be a striking place and it’s located at 15 minutes drive from Naran. Many luxury hotels and resorts like Keran Resort, Wadi Resort, Sharda Resort, Kaghan Huts, Green Village Resort, and Arcadian Peridot Naran are located near Batakundi. The beautiful waterfall near Batakundi attracts tourists.

Through a car, you’ll reach Batakundi from Islamabad in 7 hours. The gap between Batakundi from Islamabad is 290 km. Batakundi is surrounded by mountains and it’s ravishing. Tourist’s main attraction in Naran Kaghan is Batakundi. Many tourists who visit Naran Kaghan should also visit Batakundi.

Nathiagali, in the vicinity of Murree, is one of the loveliest hill stations in the Galliat region. Its surrounding hill stations are the most popular destination among domestic tourists. The hills are mostly covered by Pine trees and its altitude makes it a lovely place to visit or to spend vacations. We have designed a luxurious tour for mountain lovers to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature.

Murree Tours is the foremost popular nowadays because summer trips begin to start out. Murree, also referred to as “The Queen of Mountains” is found within the Galya region and within the Rawalpindi District of Punjab, Pakistan. With an altitude of two, 291 meters, Murree is about 30KM from Islamabad Capital city. The national highway and motorway extension for Murree have made the trip from Islamabad to Murree, smooth and comfy.

Murree Tours has always been cherishing and joyful amongst the travelers within Pakistan and also the tourists visiting Pakistan from abroad. Why not? Murree is an exciting place to go to and has a number of the foremost attractive tourist points just like the famous mall road, Chairlifts, Pindi & Kashmir points.

MacNKro is the leader within the travel and tour industry in Pakistan. Like always MacNKro and travel offer, Murree tour packages with the most effective travel and tour services in Pakistan.

We offer economy and luxury Murree tour packages which have, family tour Murree, couple tours Murree, and Murree group tours.

As described above the tourists from everywhere Pakistan and abroad prefer to explore the full Murree and also there are some points which got the special attraction for the tourists visiting Murree. Here is that the list of some famous tourist points in Murree.

  1. Kashmir Point.
  2. Pindi Point
  3. Ayubia
  4. Nathia Gali
  5. Mall Road
  6. New Murree
  7. Bhurban
  8. Patriata

Last but not least, one of the foremost attractive thing for the tourists especially children visiting Murree is that the chairlift.

Murree contains a number of chairlifts which give a wide-ranging view of the Murree Mountains and surrounding areas. Chairlifts are in Ayubia, Pindi point, and Patriata.

Weather in Murree remains pleasant most of the year except Jan- March where heavy snowfall occurs and also the temperature falls all the way down to -1 degrees. The common temperature in Murree is 15 degrees from April- Oct which is right for the tourists visiting from warm areas of the country and abroad.

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