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Hunza Gilgit Tour Packages

Hunza Valley tours are the simplest ever demanded tours by travelers to explore in Hunza tour packages by Macnkro Travel. Under the Shadows of Mighty Mountains, Hunza Valley lies in Gilgit-Baltistan of Pakistan. Situated in an extreme part of Northern Pakistan, Hunza Valley borders Xinjiang of China and the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan.

Hunza valley is one of the foremost beautiful tourist locations in Pakistan. Karimabad is that the central town and a well-liked tourist attraction in Hunza.

Hunza tours are extremely popular and a must-visit location for tourists visiting the northern areas of Pakistan due to its beauty, diversity, friendliness, and hospitality of the people. Macnkro Travel offers a spread of Hunza Valley tour packages for this season.

We provide top-notch Hunza valley tour services which include transportation, accommodation, breakfast, and guiding services in Hunza tour packages.

Our cheap and affordable Hunza tour packages stand tall among the Hunza valley tour packages offered by our competitors. We have a history of top-notch tour services to Hunza from Islamabad & Rawalpindi.

We also serve the tourists who are looking for Hunza tours from Karachi and that we share a good value of services to all or any of the travelers searching for Hunza valley tour packages.

So take a glance at our Hunza tour packages and choose the most effective one for you. Regardless of if you’re traveling alone, together with your family, or visiting on honeymoon. We are offering Hunza Honeymoon Tours. If you’re a newlywed couple going for a honeymoon in Hunza. We’ve got the simplest honeymoon tour packages in Hunza for you. We are a click removed from you.

See Pakistan is proud to possess an expensive history of a family trip to Hunza. We’ve got loads of satisfied customers who took our Hunza family tour packages and that they happily booked again our family tour packages to Hunza.

That is why we are trusted among the tourists who want to possess Hunza family tours.

Book your own Hunza family tour package in our Hunza tour packages today and acquire instant discounts and other offers.

Our Hunza valley tour packages vary from your interest. You’ll customize your Hunza tour in step with your comfort. Macnkro Travel provides you with the selection to style your Hunza tour and Hunza tour packages.

Hunza Tours are favorite among the tourists visiting Pakistan as affordable and splendid hotels and delicious food lure the tourists to go to Hunza valley. Moreover, tourists visit especially in summer when the weather of the Hunza valley becomes friendly as compared to the opposite cities of the country.

However, Hunza Valley has different seasons that affect marvelous Hunza Valley to vary its colors. In Cherry Blossom, Hunza has some mesmerizing views with white and pink colors everywhere in the valley. Furthermore, fall time can turn the entire valley into a Golden color.

Traveling to Hunza valley becomes softer due to the road infrastructure and other transportation facilities. Lastly, many tourism companies are offering trips from everywhere in the country to Hunza valley tours. Amongst all of them, Macnkro Travel stands out for the trip to Hunza valley due to its rates, travel management, and superior travel guiding services.

There are several astonishing destinations that may be visited throughout the year in Hunza Valley. Per annum, countless travelers come to witness this immense great thing about nature. During Hunza Tours, the simplest Travel destinations in Hunza valley tour packages are:

  1. Baltit Fort
  2. Borith Lake
  3. Rakaposhi View Point
  4. Altit Fort
  5. Attabad Lake
  6. Karimbad Market
  7. Passu Cones and Glacier
  8. Rush Lake
  9. Global village
  10. Khunjerab Pass

Baltit Fort may be a must-visit place in Hunza tours in our Hunza valley tour packages. Lies within the most famous Karimabad Village of Hunza Valley, Baltit Fort is one among the most effective historical sites in Gilgit Baltistan of Pakistan and doubtless the foremost important place to go to in Hunza tours.

Around 800 years old monument, Baltit Fort is often reached by a walk of around 15-20 minutes. The famous fort lies on the foothills of Ultar Peak and Glacier one can get in contact with.

Moreover, travelers can even trek towards the attractive Ultra peak base camp from the fort during their Hunza valley tour. The fort has some thrilling views of Rakaposhi, Diran, and Golden (Spantik) peaks. Furthermore, this can be one of the simplest travel sites for history lovers together with nature.

Hunza tours remain incomplete if you don’t visit Borith Lake. Upon the mountains at an altitude of around 8,200 ft (2,500 m), amazing Borith Lake is situated in Gulkin village of upper Hunza valley within the northern part of Pakistan.

During Hunza valley tours one can reach this marvelous destination by an adventurous jeep ride of around 2 km ranging from village Gulkin. Moreover, travelers can even reach Borith Lake by having a trek of around 1 hour from the Gulkin Glacier.

The best time to determine the attractive lake is from March till June. Furthermore, bird lovers can come to witness the attractive wildfowl during this mesmerizing Borith Lake. Book Hunza Tours today to determine this amazing travel destination in Hunza.

Hunza tours and Altit Fort are made for every other. One of the foremost historical monuments in the Gilgit Baltistan region Pakistan, Altit Fort lies within the Altit village of Hunza Valley.

This great Fort is meant to be around 900 years old that represents the good history of Hunza Valley. This great fort was restored in 2007 by Agha Khan Cultural sites and Norway Government. Macnkro Travel is proud to possess this amazing tourist destination in our Hunza tour packages.

Moreover, with the good history of the Fort, this great monument of Hunza Valley was awarded as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2011. Furthermore, one can get in contact with this great art and history and might witness the culture of Hunza valley by visiting this destination in Hunza tours.

You can’t complete your Hunza tour if you don’t visit Attabad Lake. Lies up within the mountains of Hunza Valley Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan, Attabad Lake is one in each of the masterpieces naturally that was formed because of the huge landslide. This great lake was formed in 2010 during a period where 6000 people were forced to maneuver from their homes and villages.

You can get here by memorizing our Hunza tour packages together with other perks.

One can reach this beautiful huge lake by a road journey of around a 40-minute drive from Hunza valley during Hunza tours. The lake resides next to the gorgeous Karakorum highway and it was named Attabad after the name of village Attabad.

During Hunza tours, tourists can have an adventurous time over the lake by having a ship ride or jet skiing. One should visit this marvelous destination when reaching to visit Hunza Valley of Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan.

One of the foremost famous traveling destinations during Hunza tours in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan is Khunerab Pass usually referred to as Pakistan-China Border, which lies within the far north of Pakistan.

This marvelous khunjerab pass lies at an elevation of 4,693 meters above water level. It can easily be accessible by a thrilling road journey of three hours from Hunza valley on metaled Karakorum Highway passing next through the astonishing Attabad Lake.

During Hunza valley tours, on the thanks to Khunjerab Pass, there’s plenty of sightseeing and a few of the simplest astonishing views like Passu Cones and Glacier. One should travel this high notch in the Karakorum chain of mountains and witness the marvelous landscape while planning Hunza valley tour packages. One can see the mountains of China while standing on the marvelous notch.

Hunza tour becomes more excited while visiting Rush lake in Hunza tour packages. The rush lake is meant to be one every of the best lakes in Pakistan, Rush lake resides at an elevation touching the sky of 4,694 meters above water level.

The rush lake is situated in Nagar Valley just opposite Hunza valley in Hooper village of Nagar. Visit Rush lake with Hunza tour packages is cheaper and cheap if booked with Macnkro Travel. This lake can only be reached by having an adventurous trek ranging from the mighty Hooper Glacier of Hooper village.

It takes around two days to achieve the lake under the shadows of mighty Rush Pari Peak. One can have some mesmerizing views of Spantik peak, Ultar Sar Peak, and Mar peak during this trek to Rush lake. Moreover one can see a glimpse of the mighty K-2 peak (8,611 m) from a viewpoint on the thanks to Rush Lake.

This amazing Rush lake ranked as the 27th highest lake within the world making it one in every of the very best alpine lakes. Travelers visiting Hunza valley can reach the start line of the trek to the present lake by having a ride of half-hour to Hooper village from the capital of Hunza valley, Karimabad. Trek lovers can enjoy their best experience by having this journey in an exceedingly lifetime.

The must-visit place during Hunza tours is these places. A village with the name Passu within the upper Hunza valley of Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan represents the name of a wonderful Passu peak within the village.

Passu peaks are usually famous as Passu Cones within the world of traveling because the peaks appear as if cones are covered under the clouds alongside the gorgeous mighty Hunza River.

These famous peaks are the masterpiece of natural art giving the simplest astonishing and breathtaking views all around. Passaic cones or peaks have a median altitude of around 6000 meters. Furthermore, Passu village has the famous Passu Glacier within the foothills of Passu Peak.

This is speculated to be one of the biggest Glaciers outside the polar region and might be seen with some beautiful views from the roadside on Karakorum Highway. So Plan up your journey for the Northern part of Pakistan and obtain friends or families to enjoy the serenity of nature at its peak in Hunza valley of Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan.

Therefore, we Macnkro Travel have presented different Hunza Valley tour packages in our Hunza tour packages list. Grab one amongst the Hunza Valley tours from below in step with your liking and budget to enjoy together with your loved ones and friends.

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