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Neelum Valley 2

Duration: 5 days

Starting fromPKR 22000
Neelum Shorgan

Duration: 5 days

Starting fromPKR 20000
Ratti Gali Lake 1

Duration: 3 days

Starting fromPKR 14000
Banjosa Tolipeer Tour 02 Night and 03 Days

Duration: 3 days

Starting fromPKR 18000
Naran Neelum

Duration: 6 days

Starting fromPKR 20000

Azad Kashmir Neelum Valley Tour Packages

Kashmir is additionally known as heaven on soil, could be a must-visit put. Azad Kashmir Visit Bundle offers pleasant lavish green and marvelous knolls, valleys, and waterfalls. 7 days Azad Kashmir visit bundle is planned to cover most of the excellence in a recreational way. Investing 2 evenings at each celebrated put i.e Banjosa Rawalakot, Muzaffarabad & Neelum valley makes it perfect for families to appreciate and unwind. This Azad Kashmir visit bundle is perfect for family vacations.

We have created a list of some famous Tourist Spots in Neelum Valley:

  1. Banjosa Lake
  2. RattiGali Lake near KuttonJagran
  3. Kutton Valley
  4. Sharda Valley
  5. Kel
  6. ArrangKel
  7. Sharda
  8. Halmat
  9. Taubut

Pattheka is the primary Tourist Spot within the Neelum Valley. The town is known as the commercial region of Neelum valley. Together with this, there are numerous Lodgings in Neelum Valley that are extravagant. These Inns are prepared to oblige millions of Sightseers to Neelum Valley. Pattheka offers several all-encompassing sees of the valley. The Huge Mountains, the wonderful Neelum Valley Climate, rich green glades capture traveler consideration. The awe-inspiring street to Pattheka encompassed by tall trees, a wondrous see to capture.

Next on the list is the Dhani Waterfall. It is almost 30 kilometers absent from the common capital Muzaffarabad. It is one of the foremost astonishing waterfalls within the locale. Having the gem clear water of Dhani pulls in thousands of the traveler towards it. The Most excellent Time to Visit the Waterfall is Walk-in mid-June.

RattiGali Lake is located within the blue jewel of Pakistan Neelum Valley, one of the foremost lovely lakes in Pakistan. It is a snowcapped cold lake at a height of 12,130 feet. Lake is open through Dowarian, a town of Neelum Valley. It is well known for its beautiful excellence. One cannot miss a single location of the mesmerizing lake as the water is so interesting that it does not reflect the environment. The zone is so humble and full of peace, individuals can journey to reach the foremost Astonishing put in Neelum Valley.

Then fourth on the list is Kel and ArrangKel, one of the attractive places of the Valley Neelum. One of the realities is that there’s a long track that goes towards Nanga Parbat. Individuals can see this Nanga Parbat Mountain from there. It could be a lovely location for everybody who visits it. It’s a 3 hrs journey from Kel to ArrangKel, a soak tall track through the wilderness with inviting neighborhood music.

Being the final town in Neelum Valley, Taobut never misses its notoriety. Particularly within the visitor community so distant. It’s getting to be the favored goal for all the travelers whom inclinations investigate the Inconspicuous Wonders of Neelum Valley. Beginning from the beguiling Stream Neelum between the Tau Butt town. Finishing up with the wonderful stream Gagai stream is an astounding encounter to have. The Gagai stream is available on strolling remove from Tau butt. There are an arrangement of field and vegetation within the town. Nature Blended here with an incredible environment. No question Taubat is worth going by the town with the monstrous mountain at the back. Too, streaming clean water of Neelum waterway, the greenfield, and additionally the quietness at its peak.

KuttonJagran Valley was found around 82 km absent from the capital city Muzaffarabad. The turning water of steam nearby the town intrigue so numerous visitors to remain and take a profound breath in a sound environment. There’s the expansive run of lodgings and resorts to suit numerous of the sightseers. Besides, Upper Neelum is 2 Kilometers absent from Keran. It has the foremost Picturesque Sees of Neelum Valley which appears the all-encompassing see of Valley. Azad Kashmir is so fun got to journey and climb. Visitor adores journeying from KuttonJagran to upper Neelum to Keran Village.

Sharda has found nearly 136 km absent from the most city of Muzaffarabad. Because it pulls in sightseers for its breathtaking areas. Traveler cherishes to journey in its lavish green knolls. Sharda moreover owns a Wealthy Verifiable Foundation. Includes interest within the hearts of the guest to visit the put once in life. ShardaNeelum Valley has distinctive rest houses for the guest to have a container of coffee to remain within the most locale that’s so near to nature.

Banjosa Lake Yet another most captivating lake between the mountains of Azad Kashmir is Banjosa Lake. It serves as a visitor resort nearly 20 km absent from the most city Rawalakot. It is a fake lake found at the stature of 1,981 meters above sea level. Encompassed by rich green dense pine timberland makes it more awe-inspiring for the visitor. The guests can never part their sees for a minute. The most excellent time to visit the lake within the mid-summer because it got to be exceptionally unforgiving in winters. It a worth going by put whereas exploring the Beauties of Azad Kashmir.

Numerous places offer peacefulness and tranquility to anybody. Tolipeer is one of it, a beguiling peak arranged at the tallness of 8800 ft over the ocean level. A wonderful arrive copious with so numerous pleasant and picturesque sees. It is approximately 30 km, or a 45-minute drive, from Rawalakot. Other adjacent regions are seen from the TolipeerAbbaspur, Bagh, and Poonch Stream. Because it is the most elevated crest point there.

Last but not slightest is the PirChinasi. It is well known for its rich green arrives with all-encompassing sees of the gigantic mountains.

PirChinasi could be a loveable Traveler Spot, particularly for Trekkers. Pulls in thousands of guests in its calmness absent from the boisterous town. The visitor appreciates tranquility and peacefulness there. The crest time to visit the put is from midyear Walk to September. Due to overwhelming snowfall in winter. But nature excited has to encounter in winters as well.

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