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The Hajj journey is an amazing thing. As one of the 5 mainstays of Islam, it’s unquestionably on each Muslim’s container list. Other than satisfying our Islamic commitments, it’s likewise a stunning sight when a huge number of Muslims meet up for one normal reason for promotion.

To stamp Eid-ul-Adha this year, we contacted the HHWT people group to discover from those who’ve been on Hajj what the experience resembled for them. Here are their accounts!

1- I went on Hajj a year ago at 52 years old. I’m single (separated in 2015), applied for Hajj in 2016, and made a couple of endeavors of allure in 2017 and Alhamdulillah had the opportunity to go Hajj in 2018. I followed alongside a truly tested woman who was 70 years of age and henceforth, I figured out how to go sooner than anticipated.

My first visit to Makkah was in 2013 when I played out the Umrah, and later in 2016 and 2017 for Umrah as well. Henceforth, it wasn’t my first time seeing the Ka’abah during my Hajj. In any case, the inclination was distinctive when I saw it during Umrah and during Hajj. The nikmat (favoring) of having the opportunity to visit Ka’abah and getting one of Allah’s visitors is stunning. Tears continued streaming down during the doa after solat. The tawaf was a test as the group was significantly bigger contrasted with the Umrah time frame.

What was the most essential thing which happened to you during the Hajj?

Subhanallah, it was an educational encounter. The most critical thing that happened was during the stroll from Mina camp to Jamrahtul Aqabah (the stoning place). We needed to stroll about 4km alongside a large number of individuals from varying backgrounds, from everywhere the world, towards one bearing and presenting all the gestures of recognition to Allah and Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. The experience and view were remarkable.

Another striking episode was during a tempest that occurred in Mina camp. We were simply beginning the Maghrib supplications as a Jemaah when the tempest came and overwhelmed the material entryway opening and all the sides. We felt that the rooftop planned to fall however none of us halted our petitions or moved away or even expressed a shout. In any case, the sound around the camp was loud as we could hear things being overwhelmed and smashing sounds all over the place.

After we finished our supplications, the tempest halted. It was only a simple 3 minutes however the inclination around then was extraordinarily alarming. During the petitions, I thought Allah was attempting to reveal to us something and we were happy to be protected from the tempest.

What was a portion of the difficulties you confronted and how could you defeat them?

The test I confronted was during the “lontar jamrah” – stoning of the fallen angel. At the last tossing of stones into the last Jamrah, the group out of nowhere came from a Middle Eastern gathering and pushed me until I turned 360 degrees, while I was holding the actually tested woman alongside me. The two of us were crushed among enormous measured Turkish men. What’s more, I believed that was the remainder of my breath since they didn’t quit pushing around. Alhamdulillah, I held my flatmate firmly and we figured out how to do our last toss and got away from the spot securely. At the point when we get together with my movement gathering, some of them remarked that I looked so white and pale with sweat all finished.

The following day, I was unable to get up from bed because of chest torment and went to a facility and they alluded me to the clinic. They speculated I got a mellow coronary failure, as my circulatory strain was extremely high. Alhamdulillah, it was just a muscle pull torment as I was holding my flat mate’s hand with my arm so firmly during that scene.

What did you gain from playing out the Hajj and how has your life changed after Hajj?

I discovered that we must be patient and kind in all the things we do. What’s more, this has changed my disposition towards life now. I am additionally sympathetic, patient, and take things with an alternate view to guarantee everybody is glad all the while. Be caring to each other and InshaAllah you will be remunerated with graciousness as well. Subsequent to getting back from Hajj, I’m likewise more devout and I ask in mosques all the more regularly, I carry on better than anyone might have expected and I accomplish all the more beneficial things for myself and for individuals around me.

Any tips/guidance for those wanting to go on Hajj?

My recommendation to the individuals who need to go on Hajj is to set up their psyche and soul for the excursion. On the off chance that you are youthful and capable, kindly play out your Hajj before you get old since you will require both physical and mental solidarity to play out the Hajj. Nothing is too soon or past the point of no return. At the point when all is good and well and your heart is anticipating finishing your last column in Islam, at that point you should do it at whatever point you can manage the cost of it (as far as cash, time, and wellbeing).

On the off chance that you could summarize your Hajj experience in a sentence, what will it be?

Subhanallah, performing Hajj has made me a superior individual and I’m more strict in doing my everyday exercises and towards others.

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2- I went for my Hajj in 2002 when I was 23 years of age along with my folks and kin.

I was confused and stunned when I previously saw the Ka’abah. I actually recollect that I was on the transport and the transport took a turn by Masjidil Haram. Realizing that Ka’abah is inside and simply seeing the blessed mosque itself carried me to tears.

Envision me remaining before the Kaabah unexpectedly. It was so strange. All this while, we could just see the Kaabah on TV, on printed photographs, and perhaps on the supplication tangle. Yet, to take a gander at it unexpectedly, I was unable to contain myself. To be in a similar zone where our Prophets once stood, it’s a blended inclination of everything. It was so melancholic.

What was the most noteworthy thing which happened to you during the Hajj?

I think, the most important thing was the time my folks called me and my kin to tell us that they were bringing us along for Hajj (around then, just my folks got the affirmation – my kin and I were on backup turns. Alhamdulillah, we were affirmed half a month prior to takeoff). We were energized yet terrified and didn’t have the foggiest idea of what’s in store. We were somewhat weepy to consider how our folks made reserve funds one small step at a time since we were youthful to make this conceivable. It resembled an otherworldly family trip. My family was only a center pay family. To imagine that our folks put something aside for us so we could go for an abroad outing, and not only for ANY abroad outing, was a significant shock. I was so appreciative to my folks.

We went for Hajj around the year 2002. Around then, cell phones were not something effectively accessible like today, and in the event that you do possess any, it accompanied no photograph application at all. So my recollections inside the blessed mosques were practically inside my head, my recollections. I recollect that I brought along a camera to Masjidil Haram, yet without any result, all the sacks were checked and experienced by the female safety officers at the entryway I went in from. I can in any case recall how the gatekeeper took my camera. I was advised to gather my camera after leaving the mosque. It was somewhat of an entertaining episode to me. I recollect that I was frightened in light of the fact that the female watchmen were all around fabricated, huge, and tall. In this way, I just figured out how to snap photographs with a brief look at Masjidil Haram outside.

One thing I can at present recall was that subsequent to being in the Middle East for quite a while, one of the days in the wake of playing out our Subuh petition at Masjidil

Haram, my late mother stated, “Rindunya Nak Makan makanan Malaysia (Miss Malaysian food and want to eat it)” and shockingly, in the buzzing about of individuals meandering around us, we could get with far off, a lady’s voice saying, “nasi kerabu, nasi lemak, kuih-kuih!”. We were hysterically looking for the voice and nearly missed her since she was wearing a burqa. Turns out she was a Kelantanese woman selling Malaysian delights. (I was told that it’s illicit for all these road sellers since I once saw them fleeing once the police were near). Yet, Alhamdulillah, our yearnings were satisfied.

Another life-changing memory was seeing one woman, who remained close to our room, whom I think had the most tirelessness. In addition to the fact that she had to deal with her mom and relative who were both wheelchair-bound, yet additionally another auntie of hers who was not very well during her Hajj. Seeing her continually grinning and whispering to the three older and dealing with them some way or another drove me mull over getting crazy about anything. Unfortunately, we lost contact with one another.

What was a portion of the difficulties you confronted and how could you beat it?

As a lady, I would state, it was “that time”. I know there are numerous conclusions, saying that we could take medicine to stop or hold our period for some time, however, the Ustazah in our Hajj course advised us to allow nature to follow all the way through and make a ton of dua so you could experience the ceremonies easily. I just missed doing the tawaf altogether after we got back from Mina however Alhamdulillah, I figured out how to perform it before our re-visitation of Malaysia and complete the Hajj.

What did you gain from playing out the Hajj and how has your life changed after Hajj?

I discovered that Allah doesn’t take a gander at any individual dependent on their status. At the point when you are there to perform Hajj, everybody is equivalent, paying little heed to the costly or modest Hajj bundle you take. No one might have realized that you are a CEO, an affluent tycoon, or a cleaner. Matters like rezeki and tests can travel every which way whenever you are there. It’s the manner by which you confront and get them that could change your point of view. Upon my return, I take a gander at things in an unexpected way. I think I have gotten marginally more patient (actually developing myself in this viewpoint) in busy. I have gotten more appreciative of all that I have.

Any tips/guidance for those wanting to go on Hajj?

I would propose to youthful guardians to begin putting something aside for Hajj for their children (ideally the investment funds would be sufficient once they reach baligh or perhaps for them to proceed with the reserve funds once they begin working) and to perform Hajj when you are as yet youthful and solid. I feel miserable here and there seeing elderly folks individuals doing the customs yet don’t misunderstand me – you would never put down their soul and inspiration. However, it is as yet pitiful seeing them strolling gradually, use strolling sticks, or limited by wheelchair. Once more, make dua that Allah awards us strength while we’re there.

Some would likewise imagine that they don’t meet all requirements to go, or not qualified in light of the fact that they think they are not strict enough. As far as I might be concerned, it is sufficient in the event that you are ‘ikhlas’ (genuine). You won’t ever know, it very well may be an entire defining moment for you, profoundly. However long you are ikhlas, Allah sees that.

In the event that you could summarize your Hajj experience in a sentence, what will it be?

It was my first generally otherworldly and essential experience that I won’t ever fail to remember for what seems like forever, ever.

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3- I went for Hajj in 2016, I was 25 in those days. Envision my unexpected when my folks revealed to us our application for Hajj they made 10 years prior experienced. I don’t view myself as a strict individual. I simply do the fundamental – petitions, fasting during Ramadan, and so on so obviously I was plagued by going on Hajj, something I just envisioned the most devout men would try to do.

Masjidil Haram – This was taken at 4.30 pm when it was around 40 degrees (2016)

I initially went to Makkah at the young age of 6 for Umrah. I actually recall what I felt when I initially saw Kaabah, live before me. I didn’t see a lot of what individuals were doing however seeing numerous individuals of various skin tones from varying backgrounds assembling and prostrating before Him in quietude, I was awestruck notwithstanding my incomprehension.

Seeing it again unexpectedly during Hajj, this time with the recharged goal, I was again lowered and appreciative that I was allowed the chance to go as well as for the time and wellbeing to play out the ibadah. I was reminded over and over the fact that I was so fortunate to have the option to perform Hajj healthy as very few are given with that. Here are more photographs I took in Madinah:

The inside of Masjid an-Nabawi, Madinah al-Munawwarah

I wish the image could convey with it the atmosphere of the environmental factors it caught; the delicate chirpings of the feathered creatures, the rustlings of the wings as the fowls flew over the open vault, the delicate breeze stroking our countenances. Away from the furious life, the time has done administering the rushed speed of the requests of Dunya.

What was the most paramount thing which happened to you during the Hajj?

It is hard to pick the most noteworthy thing in light of the fact that all through the excursion I had an inclination that I was in a type of daze! Yet, on the off chance that I needed to pick one, it was the crowds of groups imploring and contemplating before the Kaabah, even at the profane long stretches of 3 to 4 am in the first part of the day. Despite the fact that the greater part of us were aliens to each other, the way that we were there for the normal reason felt like a type of fellowship that can’t be communicated in words.

What was a portion of the difficulties you confronted and how could you conquer them?

I discovered my understanding continually tried, what with the crowds of the group – even the straightforward excursion of strolling to Masjidil Haram can be testing.

During Hajj, to get some agreeable space in Masjidil Haram to participate in the supplications, it’s smarter to go around two hours before the petition time. They will obstruct the entryways generally one hour before supplications as the mosque would as of now be overflowing with individuals. The saf from Masjidil Haram will proceed with the right to the encompassing zones even in the shopping centers. One of the components that pushed me to continue going was on the grounds that my Ustaz revealed to me that as long as you ask in the saf that proceeds from Masjidil Haram, you’ll get a similar measure of Pahala (reward) as you would in the event that you implore in the Mosque, InshaAllah.

The most testing to me was the point at which we needed to ‘bermabit’ (go through the evening) in Mina. We were absorbed perspiration for the duration of the day where the temperature was from 40 to 50 degrees. I can in any case recall the perspiration trickling all over even just in the wake of washing up. We were in no place, under the searing warmth without the essential necessities that we’re so used to back home.

I thought it was sufficient to be thankful for what I had however it takes the nonappearance of the things that you have for you to truly acknowledge what you’ve been honored with. In one of his talks, the Ustaz said that “we’re currently in Mina, living in an unobtrusive condition”. Unassuming? I was stunned. I know there are individuals who live in more awful conditions, however having used to appreciate things I thought were ‘normal’, I thought our camp in Mina was sufficiently awful. However, when we were en route to the Jamrah (stoning of fallen angels); seeing a few people outdoors in the open, eating on stained clothes on grimy tarred streets, with rotten smell radiating from the sewers underneath that filled the super-hot air, with waste all spread out for as should have been obvious, I was squashed. I had a veil on as far as possible and wanted to hurl breathing the foul air, however, they inhaled, rested, and ate in denied conditions, encircled by refuse. It was at that point that I understood that I have been honored and I supplicate that I won’t neglect to remember my good fortune.

What did you gain from playing out the Hajj and how has your life changed after Hajj?

I want to be one of the individuals who could state that “I’m a superior individual now after Hajj” however I’m definitely not. I’m actually dealing with being a superior adaptation of me. In the event that it had shown me anything, it’s to be more mindful of my activities and being energetic about what I have.

Any tips/guidance for those intending to go on Hajj?

To come clean with you, some of the time you simply need to experience it to know whether you’re prepared for it. I was stressed over not being prepared before I went much the same as numerous others before me. Yet, on the off chance that you consider the idea to an extreme, at that point you’ll never feel like you’re actually prepared for it.

You can just get ready for it all that can be expected; found out about Hajj and acclimate with the means overall quite well. Yet, what I’ve discovered is: the main thing is to set your Niat, your Nawaitu is the guarantee to God on what you search out to do, and InshaAllah, He will control you. Your understanding will continually be tried so on the off chance that you blow up, consistently return a stage to unwind and reflect.

On the off chance that you could summarize your Hajj experience in a sentence, what will it be?

Going on Hajj was an enlightening encounter to me, a type of Hijrah where everybody is deprived of their common extravagances to reestablish their pledges with the Creator.

4- I went for Hajj with my significant other in 2016 at 36 years old. At the point when I originally saw the Ka’abah, the inclination was unbelievable. I felt so small and my heart was soothed, I began to cry without acknowledging it.

What was the most noteworthy thing which happened to you during the Hajj?

The entire manasik of Hajj (ceremonies) which begins from 8-13 Zulhijjah, was so significant. I felt very surprising. Despite the fact that I was with a gigantic horde of individuals, I could feel that everybody independently stood out enough to be noticed. Whatever happens to us as people, depends on our expectations, on our niat. For the most part, individuals don’t have the foggiest idea we’re’s opinion in our brains and our internal discourse yet just Allah the Almighty knows it. During the manasik, I could see obviously and experienced something other than what’s expected. Allah shows it to us during Hajj – He answers our contemplations by demonstrating it in a flash. When we clean our hearts, fix our niat lillahita’ala (on account of Allah), all that will be so natural, so smooth thus near Allah. I could feel my heart being so full and I don’t have the foggiest idea how to portray the inclination.

What was a portion of the difficulties you confronted and how could you conquer them?

The greatest test was the blistering climate yet figured out how to defeat it by wearing a cap and shades more often than not. Also, I generally conveyed Zamzam water in my sling sack.

During the entire excursion, I was confronted with various difficulties concerning individuals, offices, traffic, program changes. In any case, when I didn’t expect anything and simply stay zeroed in on the Hajj stream and keep on zikr, it assisted me with conquering whatever impromptu circumstance I was confronting. Alhamdulillah.

What did you gain from playing out the Hajj and how has your life changed after Hajj?

I took in a great deal, yet one that changed my point of view and my life intention is to be ikhlas lillahita’ala (true as a result of Allah). At the point when we do things just to get Allah’s rahmah (leniency), life feels extraordinary.

Any tips/guidance for those wanting to go on Hajj?

1) Seek information and comprehension about the manasik of Hajj before you go; don’t go for Hajj simply by following others.

2) Prepare your wellness by beginning some activity

3) I made a Vitamin C effort multi-week before I traveled to Saudi Arabia. Alhamdulillah I didn’t get any influenza, hack, looseness of the bowels, or any infection

On the off chance that you could summarize your Hajj experience in a sentence, what will it be?

The best excursion in the course of my life. It was our call and I’m happy we acknowledged the offer in any event when we never got ready for it. It was a very late choice and Allah made it simple for us once we said yes despite the fact that we didn’t have a clue where to discover the cash at that point 😅 Alhamdulillah!

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5- I played out my Hajj in 2012 when I was 34 with my fatherly auntie.

At the point when I originally saw the Kaabah, I was in stunningness. I was unable to take my eyes off it. I didn’t cry a tear yet I get it was on the grounds that I was excessively numb. Notwithstanding, after my Tawaf Al-Wida (last tawaf prior to leaving Makkah), I cried loads.

What was the most paramount thing which happened to you during the Hajj?

There were a couple of essential minutes during my Hajj venture.

Prior to the journey, I needed to get identification size pictures for a Hajj visa so, at the shop, the picture taker/proprietor was a non-Muslim. She advised me to zero in on my love for Allah and to fail to remember all the other things. It some way or another influenced me.

During the journey, on one of the excursions to Jabal Rahmah (Mount Arafat), we dropped by a shop to get some food. At the point when we needed to pay, we were told by the clerk that everything was on the house. Alhamdulillah.

The most noteworthy second after Hajj and probably the hardest activity was to leave Masjidil Haram. I cried hard. I was so miserable.

What did you gain from playing out the Hajj and how has your life changed after Hajj?

I discovered that I should have been more patient with individuals and appreciative to Allah for every one of His favors. I for one didn’t feel or see the progressions however my companions have revealed to me I have changed. I surmise I have by one way or another attempted to intentionally put forth an attempt to be a superior Muslim regarding covering my aura. It might sound shallow yet I get it by one way or another influenced my otherworldliness also. Companions additionally are extremely mindful so as not to welcome me for specific things that include an excess of amusement, which I am fine with.

Any tips/guidance for those intending to go on Hajj?

In the event that conceivable, go when you are youthful and still actually solid. Individuals consistently state they are not prepared however that is never the issue. On the off chance that that isn’t the situation, at that point accounts is another significant issue. Simply have the aim to be a Duyufurrahman (Allah’s visitor). Doa and Allah will facilitate every one of your undertakings, InshaAllah.

On the off chance that you could summarize your Hajj experience in a sentence, what will it be?

The most otherworldly experience.

6- In Malaysia, the most reasonable approach for Hajj is with enrolling with Tabung Haji (TH) and getting in the line. We need to have at least RM1,300 in our TH to represent us to enlist. My folks, Alhamdulillah, had the foreknowledge to enroll my sister and me right on time for Hajj, when I was as yet in optional school.

Our names came up for Hajj the very year I graduated from the school in 2005. My sister went first with her better half. I chose to concede my turn so I could follow I got hitched. I was as yet single at that point.

Subsequent to getting hitched and afterward having an infant, I got called again in 2010. As my better half had not enrolled, we needed to cause an appeal to TH for him to go regarding my mahram (same case with my brother by marriage in 2005). Advances are a long cycle and take some time, and in my significant other’s case, it was a couple of months. From the outset, we didn’t think the allure experienced. We just discovered that we were both affirmed to fly into Mecca 5 days before our flight date!

My significant other and I were both 27 years of age the year we went for Hajj. Our firstborn, who was still completely breastfeeding at 22 months old, remained behind with my sister. What’s more, it was my significant other’s first global flight.

It was a few days of extremely hurried arrangement. From the earliest starting point of my excursion, I cried every single time I presented the Talbiyah (supplication with an aim to perform Hajj). I was overpowered by the significance of the recitation. I realize how long others have held back to be there, and Alhamdulillah, I was at last on my way. The tears didn’t stop once we got to Mecca and proceeded on right during our 1km stroll from our inn to get to the Ka’abah.

What was the most vital thing which happened to you during the Hajj?

Our Maktab (gathering) comprised generally of the individuals who had effectively claimed for different reasons. They were generally in their 40s and 50s, with a small bunch over 60.

We met another couple who were additionally generally youthful, they were in their mid-30s, and we turned out to be very close. After an interview with various Ustaz and taking in their recommendation, on our own prudence, the four of us chose to perform nafar awal (leaving Mina right on time in the wake of the remaining 2-3 evenings). Around then, the larger part of Malaysians performed nafar Thani (leaving Mina later).

The four of us advanced back by strolling from Mina to Mecca. The distance was not felt, as there were many individuals doing likewise. We didn’t have the foggiest idea where we were going, we just needed to follow the group. We were very striking as we didn’t have telephones outfitted with Google Maps in those days. Truly, we were taken in by the soul of our Hajj excursion and we were very daring at that age.

What was a portion of the difficulties you confronted and how could you defeat them?

Our baggage was by one way or another postponed, and for the initial not many days, we needed to make do with whatever we have in our portable luggage. Alhamdulillah, we were basically pressed. We wound up purchasing a few 10 riyal Jubahs (a piece of clothing) each as back-ups.

What did you gain from playing out the Hajj and how has your life changed after Hajj?

Be pleasant to everybody. For most of them, it is their first time away from their homes. As a straightforward model, lifts are an ordinary sight for us and there is unquestionably a lot everywhere on the Masjid. This may not really be the situation for other people. It very well may be their first time utilizing an elevator. Numerous explorers have lived unobtrusively in their individual towns for their entire lives and are spending their well-deserved reserve funds for this once-in-a-blue-moon excursion to God. Offer them a reprieve in the event that they take as much time as is needed attempting to accumulate the mental fortitude to jump on the elevator.

Alhamdulillah, I was honored to have performed Hajj early. Alhamdulillah, I was honored to have guardians who enlisted me early. Alhamdulillah, I was honored to have had the chance to encounter it along with my better half.

It should be recollected that everybody is honored in an unexpected way. The Hajj venture is extraordinary and special for everybody. Difficulties and tests are modified for all of us, and this applies not exclusively to Hajj however all parts of our lives.

Any tips/guidance for those wanting to go on Hajj?

For Malaysians who have not enrolled with TH, as the initial phase in preparing to be called for Hajj, if it’s not too much trouble register when you can. We have enrolled our kids a few years after our second was conceived. As enrollment mindfulness is at an unequaled high, as per the framework, their chance for Hajj is at some point during the 2090s. For first-time pioneers, the aggregate sum per individual for Hajj with Muassasah under TH is as yet equivalent to it was the point at which we went 9 years back. Travelers need just compensation roughly RM10,000 per individual, despite the fact that the genuine expense has ascended throughout the long term.

To improve comprehension of Hajj ceremonies, there are many ends of the week Hajj classes booked at neighborhood masjids in Malaysia. Basically, anybody can join these classes, even the individuals who still can’t seem to formally get their Hajj to call letters from TH.

While performing Hajj, attempting to remain sound in the midst of an ocean of individuals around you from everywhere the world may appear to be overwhelming. Stay hydrated, eat well, rest well. Bring prescriptions and enhancements. Attempt to find a steady speed in the event that you show up in Mecca early, so you are decidedly ready for the serious days during your Hajj customs.

In the event that you could summarize your Hajj experience in a sentence, what will it be?

My Hajj experience has been altered for me by the All-Knowing, to set me up better for what I need to look for in my own life venture. Alhamdulillah.

Hajj Mabrur, InshaAllah.

We trust these 6 stories have given you a superior knowledge into how the Hajj journey is truly similar to and have motivated you somehow. To every one of our perusers out there, here’s wishing you a favored Eid-ul-Adha!

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